Algaemax Team



Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group will pool the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Krakow and Valletta. Ateknea aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into real marketable products and services that are crucial for their success. By offering tailor-made services for innovation, such as technological development and coaching, Ateknea’s experts cover a wide range of engineering and scientific areas. Moreover, they have extensive experience in attracting and raising funds from both public institutions and private investors.

The Barcelona Office is specialised in the delivery of research, innovation and engineering services to a range of sectors. Our mission is to provide business and technological excellence to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to develop their ideas into profitable innovative solutions. Our vision is to see more value-added solutions to reach the market by providing innovation services to European SMEs.


Sonic Systems is a company established in 1983 to design, develop and manufacture power ultrasonic transducer and systems for the OEM market.

The current aim of the business is to increase market share in the OEM sector. The company currently 'Ultrasonically Enables' customers existing or envisaged systems. Key to the business strategy is the development of new market segments, new products and new ways and means of ultrasonically enabling customer application. The company activities are split between manufacturing and product development. The majority of production is directly to OEMs. Development is for both OEMs on a contract basis and also in-house driven product improvement.

The products enter a broad range of market segments including Medical, Pharmacuetical, Industrial and Chemical via OEM customers who have their own routes to their particular markets. Additionally some 'Sonic Systems' branded products enter the world wide R&D market (systems in Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia...).


HAKKI USTA is leader in development and manufacturing of modern, high capacity continuous industrial type decanters in Turkey at local and regional levels. HAKKI USTA also exports its products to a huge rage of countries worldwide and manufactures decanter centrifuges and separators for olive oil production, waste water and potable water treatment facilities, oil fields, drilling industry, beverage industry, animal and vegetable fat processing and extraction industry, starch industry and chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

HAKKI USTA sets its mission as manufacturing machines and installing facilities to fulfil customer satisfaction at utmost level with high quality production based on modern technology. In this context, to achieve company goals and mission HAKKI USTA supports its employees with motivation and continuous training. Providing 7 days / 24 hours continuous after sales service and support in all regions of Turkey, HAKKI USTA can reach customers onsite at shortest time possible and can ensure that the machines are operating accordingly.


CDU was developed for finding novel solutions to overall microalgae production systems. CDU is currently active on innovative research projects at national and international level. CDU offers a range of services covering research, innovation, manufacturing excellence, outsourcing strategies, process and product development as well as sales and technical marketing support. CDU owns and operates a microalgae production plant, which is developed during national research projects. In this plant, pilot studies of novel production methods can be tested. Also, pilot scale commercial production of novel microalgae based biological plant nutriution product "EMEK MİKROBİYAL GÜBRE" is carried out in this plant. CDU is closely located to one of the most reputable research center in the country; IZTEKGEB. This technopark is inside the campus of Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), a top ten university in Turkiye. CDU performs and coordinates national and international research projects by unique academic people and research capability sources of IZTECH . State of art laboratories and experienced staff of IZTECH are available for private research companies such as CDU in IZTEKGEB technopark.


NPL is the UK’s National Measurement Institute, and employs over 500 people in its world-­‐leading centre of excellence, to develop, apply and disseminate the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available. For more than a century NPL has developed and maintained the nation's primary measurement standards. These standards underpin the National Measurement System infrastructure of traceability throughout the UK and the world, that ensures accuracy and consistency of measurement. Good measurement improves productivity and quality; it underpins consumer confidence and trade and is vital to innovation. We undertake research and share our expertise with government, business and society to help enhance economic performance and the quality of life. One of NPL’s leading areas of expertise is Acoustics, where NPL undertakes long-­‐ term, leading-­‐edge research to develop new and improved measurement methods that will impact on future services and products. This covers areas such as the development of novel sensors and optical techniques of measurement, as well as standard measurement methods for medical and industrial ultrasound, where much of the research is world-­‐leading.


Directed by Professor Thomas Hirth, the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart is one of 60 institutes of the Fraunhofer-­‐Gesellschaft, Germany's largest organization for application-­‐oriented research with research units in Europe, the USA and Asia. Particularly, Fraunhofer IGB is engaged in a broad spectrum of research and development in its fields of competence – Interfacial Engineering and Materials Science, Molecular Biotechnology, Physical Process Technology, Environmental Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, and Cell and Tissue Engineering. On this basis the institute develops and optimizes processes and products for the business areas of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, the environment and energy. The abiding goal is the direct translation of research results into sustainable and profitable processes and products. Our strengths are to offer complete solutions from laboratory to pilot plant scale. Customers benefit from the synergies and multidisciplinary potential of the various disciplines at our institute, thus enabling novel approaches e.g. in tissue engineering, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, membrane processes and wastewater purificati.

SALATA cultivates and sells fresh and salt water microalgae for application in cosmetics and aquaculture. The company count with a production site of 4 hectares, comprising a range of tubular photobioreactors, from laboratory to industrial scale with a total production capacity of 85m3 and an output of 3 t of dry biomass per year.

SALATA’s main role in the project will be in the industrial validation of the flow cell (WP5). SALATA will also play an important role on defining the requirements for the design of the pilot scale prototype (WP4), providing technical advice to ensure the system fulfils the requirements to be tested in their production facilities. They will also contribute to define the recommendations for industrialization of the prototype based on the results of achieved during validation. SALATA will also be involved in the dissemination and exploitation tasks, coordination by CAGLAR.

By installing the ALGAEMAX technology in their production facilities SALATA would be able to access new markets through the decrease of the production cost of biomass.